By Camuel Gilyadov, on October 12th, 2010

Google Percolator: MapReduce Demise?

Here is my early thoughts after quickly looking into  Google Percolator and skimming the paper .

Major take-away: massive transactional mutating of tens-petabyte-scale dataset on thousands-node cluster is possible!

MapReduce is still useful for distributed sorts of big-data and few other things, nevertheless it’s “karma” has suffered a blow. Beforehand you could end any MapReduce dispute by . . . → Read More: Google Percolator: MapReduce Demise?

By Camuel Gilyadov, on October 8th, 2010

CAP equivalent for analytics?

CAP theorem deals with trade-off in transactional system. It doesn’t need an introduction, unless of course you have been busy on the moon for last couple of years. In this case you can easily Google for good intros. Here is a wikipedia entry on the subject.

I was thinking how would I build an . . . → Read More: CAP equivalent for analytics?