By Camuel Gilyadov, on October 1st, 2010


Welcome to blog. This blog is about analytics of large datasets. We hope it will elaborate intersections of Analytics and Cloud Computing as well as recent phenomenon - BigData.

During the two years since this blog was created, a team of BigData craftsmen naturally has been formed around it. And after some experiments and many more BigData consulting projects we are starting now a new venture together. A new venture dedicated only to one thing: leveraging cloud computing to liberalize number crunching, to make it affordable and accessible for everyone, anytime and on any device. Stay tuned to


Camuel Gilyadov

David Gruzman

Constantine Peresypkin

Dmitri Bortoq

Yaroslav Litvinov

Leon Gilyadov

Special thanks to Yulia Halupovich for proof-reading selected posts.